Fellows' Work

Dream bigger

We publish links to Haynesville Fellows' work here.

THP Fellow Arisa White told us that the funding from THP will help her realize her long-held vision of writing an opera. Though she has never written or produced one before, she feels called to the work. Read about THP Fellow Arisa White's new opera here.

Donning her THP hat, Marta Ameri sent her regards from afar. THP funding enabled her return to the Salut Tombs in Oman where she continues her research on terracotta seals from the Bronze Age.

THP Fellow Marta Ameri, working at Salut Tombs in Oman

A testimonial from THP Fellow Lindsay Mayka, written in 2022:

"My research is incredibly important to me. Doing fieldwork in Latin America allows me to base my work on in-depth knowledge of the real problems on the ground. Because of COVID, I have not been to Latin America since June 2018. Having support to really invest in that side is exciting, especially after how hard the past few years have been." 

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