Deepening research and fostering creativity for new professors

Liberal arts professors, particularly those in the Arts and Letters, do not generally have significant access to grant funds. This project is an experiment in finding ways to deepen the commitment between the institution and its lifelong staff.

Our Mission

It's about the tenure moment.

Honoring the memory of Dr. James A. Tinsley, a professor at the University of Houston from 1955-1997, The Haynesville Project works with partner schools to award a $100,000 grant to newly-tenured professors.

How It Works


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THP's Impact

The kind of funding The Haynesville Project provides can be, simply put, career altering. Meaningful and flexible funding given to faculty right after tenure, faculty who have already proven themselves to be creative, insightful, and hard-working, can make a very real difference. It can allow faculty to really take a step back and reflect. It can give them room to breathe - and it can help shape meaningful research that isn't safe and isn't guaranteed.

Darren L. Linvill, Associate Professor, Clemson University

Given the diverse disciplines (history, literary studies, German, economics, political science, art), their preliminary plans to spend the research funds range widely— from buying research materials, to transforming work spaces and work processes, to funding travel and organizing symposia.

M.C. Eakin, PhD, Board Chair of THP

The direct support provided to our professors will be a liberating force, allowing them to take their work in exciting and powerful new directions. This is a brilliantly conceived program that matches resources with talent at the perfect time in the lifespan of gifted faculty. The Tinsleys have hit a home run with this program.

David Greene, President, Colby College

The Haynesville Project has sparked a re-examination of the meaning of tenure. We are recording benefits such as ease of recruiting and increased faculty retention at our partner schools.

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