Inspiration & Impact

Inspiration and Impact of THP

Why We Created THP

Tom and Catherine Tinsley have put their philanthropic efforts into education for many years. This effort is a slight pivot away from their past work which supported students directly. Rather, they want to try supporting the institutions by working directly with professors.

What We Hope to Achieve

This project is an experiment in finding ways to deepen the commitment between the institution and its lifelong staff.

The pilot project will work closely with the partner school and THP Fellows to understand what professors are interested in doing with extra financial leeway. The Tinsleys hope that it gives professors some freedom to spring forward in academic pursuits and perhaps fill personal/familial financial gaps as well.

Inspiration and Impact of THP
Inspiration and Impact of THP

Results of Research

Interested in our findings? We'd love to share them with you, and talk more about your own goals. Contact Us to set up a time for a conversation.

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