Our Mission

A Nod to the Past

The mission of The Haynesville Project honors the memory of Dr. James A. Tinsley, Professor of History at the University of Houston from 1955-1997. He believed tenure was both a nod to the professor’s past work as well as the school’s promise to grow his or her potential as a scholar. 

Our pilot project at Colby College lays the groundwork for similar investments in colleges and universities across the country.

James A. Tinsley
Our Mission

Deepening Early Research

Dr. James A. Tinsley believed that tenure was an important part of the contract that a university makes with its scholars. As a tenured professor, he supported many young faculty members through the tenure preparation process, and saw how those who honed their craft could be rewarded with stability in their career and thus deepen their impact in their field of study and in the learning environment of their institution.

Fostering Creativity

With this funding, we join the Partner School in celebrating these academics for the years of work (education, research, writing and teaching) which have brought them to tenure. Professors will have a two year assurance and commitment from The Haynesville Project, which will allow them to “think big” in their process. We’re interested in seeing what kind of research and teaching turns up as a result of this support.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Supporting Professors

The grants give professors a great deal of autonomy in decision-making, and this is by design. There is both great freedom and great responsibility. We want our Fellows to make conscious choices about how best to use the funds. We check in with our Fellows and connect them with those in their cohort so that they can hear others' ideas about how to balance the needs around research, teaching, grant writing, publishing, and family time.

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