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The first cohort of Haynesville Fellows '21 exhibited a sense of excitement and confidence about the direction of their careers. They also felt they had more latitude, especially when it came to playing a role in the transformations taking place at Colby.

Our Primary Finding: "The funds have given them a sense of security about their research and personal finances, but it has also made the challenge of carving out more research time an even more pressing issue in their efforts to maintain the balancing act in their lives."

We are still gathering data about the longer-term impacts. Each year, we will have more information about patterns in how the grant accelerated a professor's progress, and whether it made a difference at an institutional level. For now, interested parties should read reports below or contact us for the latest information.

2022 Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

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THP Founders and Board meet with the Colby administration and the THP Fellows of 2022.

THP Luncheon 2022

See what Haynesville Fellows are saying about their experiences:

The Haynesville Project grant makes a world of difference. Not having to worry about applying to research funds saves both time and effort. In addition, this allows me to be ambitious in my research designs in ways that otherwise would have been difficult to imagine.

Arnout van der Meer, Professor of History, Colby College

I expect the funds to have a transformational effect on my career (and I don't use that word loosely). My plan is to fundamentally re-train in computational methods for the study of literary history and the testing of hypotheses about the value of fiction in predictive modeling... I think it will be increasingly important for scholars in my field (literature and literary history) to engage with quantitative and computational methods in our work... It will bring a new dimension to our English Department.

Aaron Hanlon, Professor of English, Colby College

From THP's 2022 Report: The personal funds will be especially important in balancing personal life with career demands by helping them to travel and spend more time with family. It will be especially important as many of them face the costs of caring for young children and aging parents, and the rising cost of housing.

M.C. Eakin, PhD, Board Chair of THP

The THP Founders and Board shared progress reports with the Colby administration and THP Fellows of 2023.

THP meets with Fellows of 2023

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